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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holidays 2010

Lets see...it has been a while since we did any updating so here is a quick look back at the holidays of 2010. Christmas we spent with Jon and his family. We all went to a cabin 4 days before Christmas and had fun playing games and playing in the snow. The cabin was near Mt. Rainier so we made a few trips up to the snow. We returned to his parents house for Christmas Eve and then woke up to a wonderful Christmas morning of presents and family. (Dec 2010) From left to right: Katelynn, James, Lauren, and Auntie Bri. This was at the base of Mt. Rainier where we went sledding. (Dec 2010)

Getting dinner ready! Thanksgiving at Steve and Carole's house. Lots of fun. Lots of food! (Nov 2010)

Family photo overlooking the Columbia Gorge. It was cold that day, very cold. (Oct 2010)
Lauren and Katelynn at the Puyallup State Fair. (Sep 2010)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We took a little family trip to Multnomah Falls in the Columbia Gorge last Saturday (May 15th). It was a great weekend and we had to get out in the sunshine. The girls didn't get much of a nap that day...you can see it on their faces. The falls was just beautiful and worth the drive to see it. Jon and his little girls :) He is a good daddy!
Smile! ...or not...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Day at the Zoo

Once a month the Portland Zoo does a $2 Tuesday so we thought we would brave the rain and go see the animals last Tuesday (April 13th). It was worth it! A lot of the animals were out because the weather was cooler and we got to see sea otters, sea lions, polar bears, lions, monkeys, giraffes, zebras, hippos, elephants, and some exotic birds in the huge aviary.
Usually on $2 Tuesday the zoo is packed because schools take bus loads of kids for field trips and it really is a "zoo" trying to get around and see all the animals. Because it was slightly raining the day we went (it cleared up later), the crowds were few in number so we had a wonderful time. We were there when the gates opened at 9am and stayed long enough for the sun to come out and warm up around 12:30 and then we headed home for a late lunch.
There is a new exhibit for Africa and it includes Lions, it is really cool!

Katelynn sitting on one of the bronze statues in front of the Lion exhibit.

This picture was toward the early afternoon and the lions were sunbathing after the rain showers that morning. Look at the mane on the male and the beautiful coat on them both. Amazing!

This is toward the end of our zoo trip so the kids are a little worn out and ready to head back to the house for a nice lunch and nap time. You can see it written all over Katelynn's face :(

I thought this picture was striking with the white and black against the green of the grass. Beautiful animals!

Video of Lauren looking at the sea lions. It was so fun to watch her watching these big animals swim around and around. They would swim next to the glass and circle around in a loop, so I took her and we stood right in front of where it would rub against the glass. We could see it so well you could reach out and almost feel its nose, whiskers, belly, and flippers. They are big animals! It was really cool.

Monday, April 5, 2010


It has been brought to my attention that we have been neglecting our blog...lets just say we took a 3 month vacation...but rest assured there is plenty to catch you all up on...so, look for updates coming soon...here are some teasers...

Sarah celebrating her 30th birthday with some free ice cream and friends at Red Robin on a "Girls Night Out" {February 2010}

Lauren the Jell-o monster...

We had some nice weather a few weeks ago and here is Lauren playing outside at a neighbors house {March 2010}

Katelynn turning 4...going on 14!! {Febryary 2010~ the date stamp from our camera was off . It really was taken this year.}

Jon is busy at work so I don't often get him in the pictures...I'll try a little harder.

Friday, December 18, 2009

From our Family to Yours.

We want to wish all of our family and friends a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours.
We hope you have a fun, safe, and joyful Christmas with your loved ones.
Love The Rogers Family
Jon, Sarah, Katelynn, & Lauren

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

~{Happy Holidays}~

Thanksgiving was a wonderful time to spend with family. We went to Jon's grandparent's house in Haines, Oregon and met up with other family there to celebrate and have a wonderful Turkey Day. The food and company were both wonderful, what more could we ask for :) Kathy, Jon's mom, pointed out something ...why does it take hours to prepare such a wonderful meal but only minutes to eat it?
With Thanksgiving out the back door and Christmas coming in the front, it is now officially "legal" to listen to Christmas music. Although, I have to confess I started a few weeks before Thanksgiving, I even used it for my workout music a few times :) I love the feeling of the holiday season and the happiness that everyone else seems to feel too! We are having sort of a "homemade" Christmas this year which will be nice because it's not really the amount of money that was spent on the presents that counts, but the love and effort that went into making each other happy.
Happy Holidays to you all!
Jon, Sarah, Katelynn, and Lauren

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I told Katelynn we were going to go swimming at the YMCA today and this is what came marching down the stairs and announced "I'm ready to go MOM!"
If you can't tell, those are brown snow boots (from two years ago...just a little small) with furry trim on the top and fuzzy little pom-poms. The other key thing here is that her suit is on backwards. That's right! We are in the middle of November and she wants to walk over to the YMCA, which is next door, in her swimming suit and snow boots. A girl after my own heart!